About Us

Helping People in U.K Around the clock

AC Assistance offers a speedy and efficient accident claim service to their clients obviously assisted by staff and management with considerable experience of the industry.

We offer a claim process of recovering compensation from the responsible party for your accident under the Negligence Act 1945.

Our Story


Started the company for only one reason keeping in mind is that to help people who have been through some kind of accident and they don’t know about there legal rights to claim personnel injury compensations


Expanded the work force with more and more legally educated and well trained staff to help more and more people in less time


Helping people to claim personnel injury compensations for the Accidents which wasn’t there fault in regard with there legal rights despite the on going corona virus pandemic (Covid-19)

Our Mission

Is to help you out...
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Why Us

7 Reasons to Choose Our Company

There are many companies around the United kingdom to help people claim there personnel injury claim but there are few reasons to go with us…